metaGREECE® by Nick Drimousis

metaGREECE is an innovative company dedicated to connecting Greeks worldwide and promoting Greek culture, products, and services through various platforms. Our mission is to create a fair, transparent, and open business environment that benefits everyone.

Here’s an overview of what we offer:

GreekTrivia Nights

Join the Fun and Learn with GreekTrivia Nights Engage with Greek culture through our exciting trivia events. Hosted both online and in-person, GreekTrivia Nights are a fun way to test your knowledge, win prizes, and discover more about Greece.

Greek Channel

Stay Informed with Greek Channel Tune into Greek Channel, our dedicated online TV station and studio, for the latest news, interviews, and coverage of our services. Experience Greek culture and business updates from the comfort of your home.

GreekMade and Greek Expo

Promoting and Selling the Best Greek Products GreekMade offers quality Greek products at unbeatable prices, ensuring the best of Greece is delivered to your doorstep. Greek Expo showcases exceptional products and services, helping Greek businesses connect with top buyers globally.


Revolutionize Transactions with GreekCoin GreekCoin is our unique cryptocurrency designed to support the Greek economy. Use it for transactions, investments, and more.

Hellenes Abroad

Connecting Greeks Worldwide with Hellenes Abroad Hellenes Abroad is our platform for Greeks living outside of Greece. Join a global community, share experiences, and stay connected with your roots.

Buy in Greece

Invest Smartly with Buy in Greece At Buy in Greece, we help Greeks purchase properties together, allowing you to save money and invest wisely. Discover the benefits of group buying and find your dream property in Greece.


Benefits of Joining metaGREECE

For Buyers:

  1. Cost Savings: Group purchases offer lower prices compared to retail.
  2. Variety and Choice: Access a wide range of products, services, and real estate.
  3. Support for Greek Economy: Strengthen Greek production and entrepreneurship.
  4. Convenience: Easy and comfortable transactions through our platform.
  5. Real Estate Investments: Opportunities to invest in Greek real estate.
  6. International Communication: Connect with the Greek market from abroad.
  7. Personalized Support: Receive specialized support to help you choose the best products and services.


For Producers, Manufacturers, and Property Owners:

  1. Increase Sales: Promote products to a broader international audience.
  2. Group Purchases: Sell large quantities at better prices.
  3. Promote Greek Production: Contribute to the global promotion of Greek quality.
  4. Ease of Transactions: Manage and execute transactions easily.
  5. Support and Service: Receive support to advertise products and increase visibility.
  6. Sales Opportunities for Property Owners: Connect with potential buyers and investors.


Through these platforms, metaGREECE aims to enhance the visibility and success of Greek businesses, foster connections among Greeks globally, and promote Greek culture and innovation on an international scale. Join us in celebrating and supporting Greek excellence.