metaGREECE® by Nick Drimousis

For Product Consumers:

How can I find products and services on the website? You can use the search function on our homepage or browse through various product categories.

What is the advantage of group purchases for me as a consumer? Group purchases allow you to obtain products and services at lower prices since multiple people participate in the purchase, reducing costs for everyone.

How can I contact sellers? You can contact sellers through their profile page or via the website’s messaging system.

Is there a rating system for products or sellers? Yes, you can rate products and sellers after completing a transaction, helping other users make informed purchases.

What payment options are available? Payment options vary by seller and product, typically including credit card, PayPal, and other available payment methods.

For Producers and Manufacturers:

How can I list my products on the platform? Create a supplier account on our website and list your products through the management interface.

How do group purchases work for my products? In group purchases, you offer your products to a large number of buyers, helping increase sales and reduce production costs.

How can I promote my business through metaGREECE? Utilize the advertising and promotion options offered by the platform to increase your products’ visibility.

What information do I need to provide to buyers? Provide detailed information about your products, including features, prices, and purchase terms.

What is the delivery process for products to buyers? Coordinate with buyers for the delivery process. Some sellers offer shipping options, while others may offer in-store pickup.

For Property Owners:

How can I list my property on the platform? Create a property owner account and list your property for rent or sale.

What information do I need to provide for my property? Provide detailed information about the property, including features, location, and prices.

What are the options for promoting my property? Choose from various promotion options, including advertising and highlighting your property on the platform.

Are there options for managing bookings and payments? Yes, use the platform’s booking and payment management system for convenience and security.

How can I contact interested buyers or renters? Communicate with interested buyers or renters through the platform’s messaging system.

For Property Buyers:

How can I find properties for purchase on the website? Use the search function to find properties that interest you by category, location, and other criteria.

What payment options are available for property purchases? Payment options for property purchases may vary, typically including bank transfers or online payments.

How can I contact property owners for more information? Contact property owners through the property’s page or via the platform’s messaging system.

For Greeks Abroad:

How can Greeks living abroad benefit from the platform? Greeks abroad can use the platform to purchase products, rent properties, or connect with other Greeks.

Are there offers and services specifically for Greeks abroad? Yes, there are offers and services tailored for Greeks abroad, such as traditional products and services related to Greek culture.

For Mayors:

How can the platform collaborate with municipalities? The platform can collaborate with municipalities to promote local businesses, tourism, and other initiatives benefiting the local community.

How can the platform help promote tourism and the local economy? The platform can promote tourism and the local economy by advertising local attractions, products, and services to users.